Pinkie Is Really Going To Win Mr SA

South Africa is rooting for the underdog

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

While some people may consider this to be a joke, the rest of the nation is actually very serious about voting for Mr SA Top 20 finalist - Pinkie Salman.

Pinkie began trending last night after several South Africans began promoting the idea of voting for Mr Salman and by the looks of things, Pinkie might just take the title at the rate at which things are going.

Even Sizwe Dhlomo believes that Pinkie will be the victor of this pageant.

Some people are of the belief that this entire movement of voting for Pinkie is just a way of ridiculing him even further, however, others strongly believe that this is a classic case of the underdog finally getting what he deserves.

South Africans are voting for Pinkie even more now, especially after this video of him went viral last night.

Last week, the Mr SA pageant was ridiculed for presenting to the nation unflattering images of the pageant's Top 20 finalists.

However, what was deemed as a joke has turned into something quite positive as South Africans are really rooting for Pinkie to take this title.

Pinkie has since thanked all South Africans who continue to support him by casting their votes.

Good luck to Pinkie, may his dream of becoming Mr South Africa come true.

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Main Image Credit: Facebook/@PinkieSalman