Raunchy singer offers self for #BringBackOurGirls

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

Up-and-coming Nigerian singer Adokiye Kyrian has offered to trade places with the group of young girls who were abducted by militant Islamist group Boko Haram.

Adokiye is known for many a raunchy shenanigan, so it came as quite a surprise when the 23-year-old singer during an interview in March revealed that she's actually still a virgin, before flippantly adding that she'd be willing to give herself to anyone who buys her mother the private jet she long-since promised her.

And it seems Adokiye really isn't overly precious about her virginity, as she during a recent interview with the Vanguard's Showtime said she'd be willing to abide the sexual bidding of the Boko Haram members if they returned the girls, who were kidnapped from the Nigerian town of Chibok, and took her instead.

"This is 11pm in the night and do you know what I am thinking about?" Adokiye asked the Vanguard Showtime Celebrity reporter during their interview.

"Those little girls, where they are and what could be happening to them. It is just unfair. They are too young. I wish I could offer myself in exchange."

The journalist then pointed out that Boko Haram might be using the girls as sex slaves, but Adokiye didn't withdraw her statement and responded by quite controversially saying: "They are between 12 and15 year old girls for Christ sake. I am older and more experienced. Even if 10 to12 men have to take me every night, I don't care. Just release these girls and let them go back to their parents."