Tweeps Weigh into Nelli Tembe's Soft Life

"All she does is look pretty, wear designer clothes..."

By  | Feb 26, 2021, 11:27 AM  | AKA  | Relationships

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Nelli Tembe is one of the most private people tweeps have ever encountered, she’s privatised her Instagram account and handpicks her followers so much that Tweeps are crying for her to accept their follow back request on Instagram.

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Tweeps that are accepted by the rapper’s fiancé consider themselves very lucky as they can officially share her soft-life content.

A tweep has now gone viral after she shared several Instagram posts by Tembe on Twitter which tweeps can’t get enough of.

She tweeted:  
“I’ve been following Neli (Aka’s girl) for a while and i enjoy her content. all she does is look pretty, wear designer, cook/bake and focus on being a girlfriend. I want that for me. "

After tweeting, more tweeps requested for her to share Tembe’s Instagram posts as they’re envious that she can see what Tembe gets up to, while others lamented that they’re been waiting for Tembe to accept them for ages.
Here are some comments about Tembe’s soft-life content and her privacy:

"She's very private. Even today she haven't accepted my request .She deletes them shm, i don't know how many times I've requested"

"And you forgot to mention her rents got alot of money yasis , to remember when she bought aka a Ps5 n people said he was the one who bought it im sure her rents networth is Aka + Zinhles combined."
"I don't know much about her, but I pray that Hustling/independence is one of them. Can't rely on anyone but yourself."
"She comes from money. I'm sure she's sorted."

Before AKA, Tembe was rumoured to be dating Candian rapper, Drake Relationship back in 2016, as Tembe shared several images of herself and Drake on social media, though neither Drake nor Tembe confirmed rumours of a relationship. AKA is apparently 11years older than Tembe as he’s 32years and 21 years old.
Nelli and Drake

According to News 24, Tembe hails from Durban and she’s been linked to award-winning actress, songstress and dancer, Nondumiso Tembe.

Tembe comes from a wealthy family and can afford her soft-life because her father is allegedly a KZN businessman, known as Moses Tembe who is the Chairman of Phumelela Gaming and Leisure Ltd, and is also a board member in multi companies in retail and tourism.

The reason the socialite’s timeline is full of cakes and cookies is because she’s also a baker and attended a cookery course at the Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine.

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