Enhle Mbali To Help Abused Women

Enhle is giving away bursaries so women can create a life for themselves

By  | Sep 08, 2022, 12:29 PM  | Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa  | Drama

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Enhle Mbali has put in an effort in fighting gender based violence. The scourge of this type of violence has rocked the nation in ways unimaginable. She too has alleged that she is a victim of this monstrous act, apparently at the hands of her ex-husband Black Coffee. 

The mother of two boys took to Instagram to talk about this initiative and how she looks to tackle it. Posting a video of her talking about this, Enhle shared that most women run back to their abusers because of financial dependency.

“65% of abused women go back to their abuser due to lack of financial support or and independence. The abusers know this.

“We at @enhlecares_foundation_ are working towards bridging that gap, slowly but surely. Giving away bursaries for you to create a life for yourself. Tell us your story. Send it to us via @enhlecares_foundation_ DM’s. We will let you know once the selection process is completed. #Wearedelicateflowers. Upwards and onwards."

Enhle then says women should send their stories.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Enhle explained that this initiative, started through her Enhle Cares Foundation, saw a rise in the number of people who wanted to help. 

“When I launched this it was the same year I created the dress for Beyoncé and it has always stood for women and children from abused backgrounds, the mental health of women from such backgrounds. It's a cause that's worth being a part of. I'm giving away bursaries and people have come by to say they'd love to help.

“A lot of the times people don't know where to start and I think what I just created gives them a great starting point, ” she told the publication. 

Enhle has a story to tell herself. She was a guest on Kaya 959 Breakfast show where she spoke with Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka about booking herself into a mental institution a couple of years ago, because she had become numb. “I remember finding myself having to go to a mental institution”, adds Enhle.
“At this point, I’m not remembering anything. I’m constantly numb, I don’t know how I feel, I don’t have an opinion. And that to me said something was wrong. I was mourning a death and the death happened a long time ago.”

Enhle said she mourned the ‘death of love.’  “I was mourning all the work and the fight I had put in to make something work. I walked myself into a mental institution and I remember my psychologist saying – you are seven years late but you made it," she continued. “From that day healing began and by the time I did sincerely yours I was completely comfortable with where I was and comfortable with moving forward," she added.

“It’s a conscious decision I made and here I am today feeling beautiful from the inside out. I look at the mirror and I see it. That allows my spiritual journey to continue because I had left it vacant and uncared for.”

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