Mr and Mrs Black Coffee are doing just fine!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Black Coffee  | Relationships

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During our editorial meetings in the past two weeks, the name that has been on everyone’s lips was that of Black Coffee and his wife Mrs Black Coffee. By the way, have you ever realised how everyone refers to her 'Mrs Black Coffee'?  It’s not a bad thing, but we're just putting it out there. If for some reason you didn’t know her name, she is the lovely Mbali Mlotshwa.  

The Hawks have successfully laid to rest the rumours of a possible Black Coffee sex-tape lurking around in the internet. In the midst of the whole Black Coffee fiasco which has been proved to be false, many of us couldn’t help but wonder how his wife had been handling this debacle of another fabricated story.

We hadn’t mentioned this before, but a few days after the scandal broke ZAlebs was offered the opportunity to sit down and interview Mrs Maphumulo after her agent approached us- and we were ecstatic! As we rejoiced and threw glitter and confetti in the air at ZAlebs HQ we began drafting all the questions we wanted to ask Mbali with regards to these cheating allegations directed towards her husband. Alas, our celebrations were cut short when a second e-mail from her agent came in.  

It read:

“Please promise us that you will not discuss anything with regards to Black Coffee” 

That message alone dampened our mood for the entire day, how can we not ask her about this? It's the topic to discuss at the moment! We wanted to know how she was dealing with all the media attention; if she was ok; how her family was handling all of this.

Well we guess all those questions were answered by two simple Instagram posts from the couple who are currently enjoying the Summer festivities in New York.  With her beautifully manicured hand, Mbali posted this Instagram picture of the view from either her hotel or apartment.  Jealous much?

Mrs Black Coffee is obviously not travelling alone as her hubby also posted a similar picture of what seems to be the same view of the Big Apple.  So if you were wondering if the couple is fine, well, it seems like they're doing more than ok. Things can't be too bad if they are able to treat themselves by visiting the city that never sleeps, can they?

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