Brickz swimming in female attention

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Brickz  | Relationships

Recognised for his hit ‘Sweety My Baby’, Brickz has been denied bail for the alleged rape of a 17-year-old girl earlier this year, a charge he is denying.

But various rumours about the singer’s colourful track record with women is certainly not doing him any favours, with the Sunday Sun reporting that he allegedly stole his current partner, Nqobile Ndlovu, from one of his friends.

“As soon as he got Nqobile, Brickz didn’t waste time and went to pay ilobola for her,” said a close friend.

“But now things don’t seem to be looking good between the two, especially after this whole furore.”

The newspaper also quotes an “impeccable source”, who claims that he has been seeing a Midrand girl named Mapule, who apparently claims to be Nqobile’s friend.

“She is having an affair with Brickz,” revealed the close insider.

“He introduced her to us as his woman at his joint birthday party with Monotone last year. They’ve been dating for a while. We were surprised to see her at court.”

Brickz is, according to his friends, completely open about his many trysts though.

“I mean Brickz’s wife knows about their affair,” said a friend.

“There’s another woman who comes from Durban and she was dating him. She too joined Brickz in court from the first court date. She stays with his other friend and he transports her to court every day.”

According to the publication, Mapule is a married woman but she has apparently made her support of Brickz clear on Twitter, where she has insinuated that his arrest is political “because he was not in Mangaung in December”.

A woman called Lindi Nkosi, the mother of Brickz’s child, has also been firmly supporting him since his incarceration, recently saying that he is too good a man to be guilty of rape.

When approached by the Sunday Sun for comment, Nqobile said she didn’t “want to talk about this issue” before hanging up the phone.

Brickz is set to return to court on 5 December 2013.


(Credit:Facebook Brickz)