Clint Brink on how he met his wife

It was a seemless hook-up that ended in a beautiful marriage.

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Clint Brink

Just a few months after they're wedding Clint Brink speaks on how he and his wife hooked up.

In a very interesting interview on Touch Central with Arye Kellman and Kat Mohoadube actor, Clint Brink shared the latest on his marriage with wife, Steffi van Wyk.

Clint has since been married for two months now and says it's been nothing but a bliss. Clint was asked if they're planning on having a baby soon but the actor said they are not however, they've been practicing excessively. (Hey now!)

Clint brink

"We've been practicing excessively but we just prolonged the whole baby-making story until another 2 to 3 years or so. I'm just enjoying the marriage vibe. 

It's really great being with someone that really just supplements your weaknesses and someone who just stands for you when you are not always present." Said Clint.

Clint who also mentioned that it took them a month to prepare for their wedding shared how he slid in her D.M's and the rest as they would say is history.

Cint Brink

"I could see that we had a lot in common, the training and the fitness stuff and besides the fact that she is damn fine!

So we started texting, I sent her my number, we spoke for about two and a half weeks before I really met her because she was based in Namibia. She came down to South Africa, for the Miss Africa competition luckily that day when she arrived I knocked off at work super early so we met, had lunch and chatted about a variety of things."

What Clint said next was very cute we couldn't help but grin and blush as he shared his love story.

"The funny thing is that that were a few things that happened that stood out for me. First thing was that when I spoke to her it literally felt like the rest of the room went quiet, everything and everyone was tuned out.

Clint Brink

The second thing was when we spoke, we spoke like we've known each other since yay' high. So when we finished lunch we got into the car and we went to have coffee somewhere else and whilst she was putting on her seat belt I just leaned over and I kissed her, but not like a deep kiss but like an organic one and she just looked at me.

I put on my seat belt and I asked her where she wanted to go and she was like 'Wherever'.  And that was it and from day one we just started doing everything together."

Clint and Steffi have an 11-year difference, the actor further  explained that his past relationships did not work because he now realises that he actually needed to know himself better.

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