"I'm attracted to you because you're so much like Kiernan"

This might be the littest #BehindTheStory episode 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Relationships

"I'm attracted to you because you're so much like Kiernan" says DJ Zinhle

In a recent promo for Pearl Thusi's MTV Show, 'Behind The Story,' Thusi and her bestie, DJ Zinhle can be seen all cuddled up in a bed getting emotional and flirty. 

The show will take a mini-break to make way for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's) but it will return on 28 August and feature DJ Zinhle as the guest. 

The interview setup will also take on a more intimate setup as the pair will conduct the interview between the sheets... literally. 

Based solely on the promo, it looks like things will get incredibly emotional between the besties who once lived together. 

Pearl can be seen, crying in the promo and thanking DJ Zinhle for "agreeing to save her from her self-doubt."

During another part of the episode, Zinhle jokingly tells Pearl that she is attracted to her because she's so much like Kiernan before sharing a laugh.  

Main image credit: twitter.com/dj_zinhle