Enhle Gives Hilarious Response To New Romance Rumours

Is she really dating a multi millionaire?

By  | Mar 18, 2022, 09:05 AM  | Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa  | Relationships

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Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa always has the best responses to questions which invade in her privacy. When word got out that she is dating a wealthy businessman, she reacted a way her avid fans might have expected.

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Enhle posted a video where she responds to a question asking about her love life. The question was whether she has a boyfriend, and she says “Yes I do.” She was then asked where is he from and she says “He’s from another nation”.

The next question is, “Which nation?” and then she hilariously says “Imagination”.

So there you have it, Enhle is not looking to address any dating rumours at the moment. 

In her short documentary, Enhle Mbali spoke about dating and what it means to her sons Anesu and Asante. She said the man she introduces to her kids has to be good enough to introduce to her sons.

According to a Sunday World, source Enhle and her new bae are growing strong and has even introduced the wealthy entrepreneur Peter Sebiloane, to her mother.

"I've made the decision that dating is mine, unless someone deserves to be around my children, the dating is mine. When I get into a relationship one day, the relationship will be mine. Until I am trusting enough to let this male into my pride of males and females that are raising these kings," she said.

The source told the publication that Enhle is happy in her new relationship. “They have been to several malls together to eat and when in the malls the smitten Enhle would not take her hands off him. Enhle’s mother was happy to see him because he makes her daughter happy and is very supportive towards her.”

“We are happy for her because this is the man who makes her happy after separating from Black Coffee,” said the source. 

Enhle is currently living her best life and is even ticking off her bucket list. She went diving.

Enhle recently spoke about her very public divorce which turned messy several times. The actress told The South African that she is still healing, “The court system really failed me and when I came out I was so emotional and in pain and also in fear because I just didn’t know what would happen. I did a video and I had said I’m going to do a press conference but after sitting down and sinking in my emotions I thought there is no need for me to break anyone down. I made a conscious decision not to break anyone but to heal,” she said to the publication.

“The Voice was me just saying guys, I’m not going to fight. Whatever the universe hands to me, the universe is handing to me because God is strengthening and teaching me. So I am going to share that I am going on dates, that my heart is opened to love just like Pearl. ”

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