Enhle Publicly Thanks Black Coffee

Are they finally getting along?

By  | Aug 12, 2021, 11:09 AM  | Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa  | Relationships

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All seems to be well between Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa and her estranged husband Nathi Maphumulo, also known as Black Coffee, as the actress publicly thanked him on Instagram.

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The separated couple who were at loggerheads on social media just a few months ago, seem to have buried the hatchet. If not for the kids then for who? Enhle tipped her hat off to Black Coffee on Instagram after he bought one of their sons a race car.

Thanking him for the gesture, Enhle thanked him on social media and her comments section is filled with people expressing relief that the doting parents are at peace.

"Guess whose back at racing. Thanks #Dad," wrote Enhle along with other hashtags.

Her followers could not help but notice the fact that Enhle praised Black Coffee for this:

fit_langelihle: "😮And thina we are still fighting #dad ngapha🤔, phinde ukungena eyababili (never involving myself in matters between two people) we all love peace thou"

petz8101: "it's civil now.....never involve yourself in matters between two people 🤷‍♀️"

tirisano: "❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks family. We live for peace and love."

houseofprominent: "That time DAD blocked me tryna defend your honor. Yazi sizofa indaba zabantu."

Enhle had accused Black Coffee of several things including abuse, which she claimed happened in front of their boys, neglecting the kids at some point, not paying their electricity bills and infidelity. 

Enhle had threatened to spill all the tea in a form of a press conference but quickly back-peddled on her claims after hinting that she was made to sing a NDA. 

“..I’m going to tell you guys everything. I have been protecting this man for far too long. And all the other women that have come to me for assistance, I will also come at them.”

“This man lied in the court of law. Saying he went under my arm, as tall as he is when he knows very well that he hit me. He struck my hand twice and pushed me into our marital property. I don’t feel safe as he is also psychologically messing with my children. Which is why I had to stand up and fight for myself. He called my children, telling them to stop this whole case. And my child was crying. My child told me that he doesn’t feel like a child anymore. Because of the divorce, because he's got new siblings and so many other things.”

A frustrated Black Coffee hit back at Enhle and refuted her claims and told her to handle her own bills. In now-deleted tweets he said:

Stop lying!!! The lies are too much. I won’t be quiet anymore. The children you publicly claim to be protecting are suffering because [of] your lifestyle."

"I’ve been taking care of all the household expenses.
I take care of all the kids and their school needs. On top of the all this from November I’ve been paying 65K towards you and the kids.
After our separation I got you a fully paid car in your name.

"From March I have been sending you electricity statements which you are aware of. Yesterday they cut the lights and you’re here once again creating another narrative that it was because of me. Take care of your bills.

"It brought me so much pain to watch your videos making fun of this situation with the kids, they honestly don’t deserve this. I have now settled the electricity bill this time just for the sake of the kids. Moving forward pay your electricity bill, the kids shouldn’t go through this.

"Just like the assault case, there’s no NDA, there’s never been any,"
he lashed out at her.

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