Focalistic And DBN Gogo Dating? Tweeps React

They think he's using her for her connections

By  | Feb 16, 2022, 09:09 AM  | Focalistic   | Relationships

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As Mzansi slowly came down off the high of our favourite celebrities’ Valentine’s day, we were hit with unexpected news: DBN Gogo and Focalistic are officially dating. And now tweeps have a lot to say about the relationship. 
First of all, this relationship came completely out of the blue for all of us. We would never have expected them to be together, because where did they even find each other. But we have seen stranger couples than this one, so I guess love really just comes out of nowhere, doesn’t it? 
DBN Gogo recently shocked us all when she shared a video revealing that she and Focalistic had spent Valentine’s together. They had a lavish holiday, and as she shared polaroid pictures of both of them, to which he responded “Vrostana thata my cry bebe”. 

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It has only been less than a day since she broke the news, but social media users have already run wild with theories about their relationship. There are those who are very impressed with how lowkey they have been so far, because we can all tell that Valentine’s day was not the beginning of their relationship. We have to respect their ability to keep a low profile even as they are both celebrities, constantly under the public’s watchful eye. 
But you know such news cannot come without attracting its fair share of hate and negativity, and they have already been subjected to both. Some tweeps have started theorising that Focalistic is using DBN Gogo for her important connections. If you didn’t know it, she is the daughter of the former Minister of Energy, Jeff Radebe. Her aunties (Jeff Radebe’s sisters) are married to President Cyril Ramaphosa and Patrice Motsepe. This basically makes her Mzansi royalty, and her fans are now concerned that Foca is only interested in tapping into that family. 

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Other fans are excited for them, though. As one fan said, they make so much sense together, and we have to agree. There is no reason to suggest that Foca would be using DBN as he has been accused of. But DBN deserves to experience real love too, without it always being considered to be because of her royal blood. 
It is usually hard to know that DBN Gogo is from a top political family. In fact, just recently, she got applauded for how wonderfully she keeps the news under wraps, as people forget every few months. She does not brag about it, and strives to make her own way in the world, through her music, and we love to see it. 

This couple is sure to shake romance in Mzansi, and we also cannot wait for the banger music they will be dropping now that they are in love. All the best to the lovely couple! 

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