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She is taking over the world

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Mandisa Radebe popularly known as DBN Gogo has joined the list of South African stars who have graced American billboards this year.
The DJ got to grace a billboard in Times Square New York following her recent success in joining Spotify’s Equal Music Program.

Taking to Instagram to celebrate this milestone, DBN Gogo wrote, "I had a dream and realized that old ways don’t open new Every day I decided to make every moment count and worthwhile, to assure that I become everything I wanted for my life. Never apologize for being a powerful woman! - @dbngogo for @spotify @spotifyafrica #SpotifyEQUAL #EQUALAfrica

She added: "Imagine waking up to ur face in Times Square. Every day god and my ancestors are showing up and showing off in my life. I am eternally grateful."

DBN Gogo also opened up to TshisaLive about her career. She said she is happy that her hard work is finally paying off.

“It's really crazy, it's something I can't really explain. Just looking back thinking about the hard work, the tears, and the sweat, and no sleep ... I mean we still don't sleep but it's like the struggle was worth it, even though it's not over yet. As much as it looks really great, there's still so much more to be done, I don't take it for granted every single day of my life. I work very hard, I'm good at what I do and people love that,” she told the publication.

She also told the publication that she is overwhelmed by fame as she feels like it came too soon.

“I really didn't expect it at all, it's so weird when you go to places and people know you. I'm actually a very shy person, which is very shocking to a lot of people. I always say that even though my face is a big part of my brand, I wish I was like Deadmau5, where you could wear a mask and go about your life because no one knows what you look like in real life. But my face is my brand, so it's a personal connection with the people and being recognized. It's incredibly difficult but it's the give-and-take of what I do.

The DJ continues to put South Africa on the map. A few days ago she took over London. She performed at the UK-based festival AMA Fest 2021.

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Image Cred: Instagram/@dbngogo
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