Emerging Video Of Focalistic Incurs Mzansi's Wrath

He was right about Twitter, though

By  | Dec 16, 2021, 08:10 AM  | Focalistic   | Drama

Image of Focalistic
Being a generous celebrity is a tough line to walk. Give away too much and fans start to consider you a cash cow like Dj Lamiez Holworthy. Don't give at all, and they think you're selfish. Give for a while then stop, they consider you irrelevant without giveaways, like Master KG. It's like they can't win, and Focalistic is the latest ZAleb to discover this truth. 

The rapper was recently recorded giving away money to fans. In the video, he is surrounded by a small crowd, all excitedly jumping on him to get some cash, while he made it rain on them. 

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The video which was no doubt meant to show a sweet gesture, has elicited mixed reactions in social media users. Some have recognised the kind gesture for what it was, and have been praising him for his generosity. It is his hard earned money, and he has no duty to give it away, but he chose to do it anyway. 

However, others looked at the video through a negative lens. As the scene looks chaotic, with people jumping on each other and on Focalistic in a mini stampede, some tweeps think he could definitely have found a more orderly way to give away the money. Get up on a podium higher than the fans, for instance, or have his bodyguards create a more organised environment. 

Some tweeps have taken the scrutiny a step further, and consider the moment exploitative. They think he could have found a more dignified way to do it, and that making them jump around like that for cash is degrading. 

Whichever way you look at it, the rapper gave away money for free. There are definitely worse ways to take advantage of people than to give them your money, aren't there?

Such negativity is probably why the rapper is so vocal against Twitter. He recently went on a rant about the app and social media in general, saying he would no longer do interviews because everything he says is deliberately taken out of context for drama. He further said he had wanted to leave the site for a long time, because the only thing that trends on Twitter is negativity and hate meant to create beef. 

The rapper has been pitted against Cassper Nyovest multiple times in an attempt to create beef, even though they have both been clear that they have no beef with each other. And come to think of it, it is a little weird that everyone is obsessed with making the two rappers, both icons in their own right, beef with each other. 

We hope this incident doesn't make Foca further hate the drama that comes with his celebrity status. He just wants to make music, and now even his philanthropy is getting turned into a nasty side show. Honestly, Foca, we would be tired too! 

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