Muvhango's Chief Azwindini's softer side

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Gabriel Temudzani  | Relationships

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Gabriel Temudzani aka Chief Azwindini, plays a very serious, strict and no-nonsense kind of a guy on Muvhango. We often see him giving orders to other people, and he is feared and respected by many. 

But in real life, it looks like Gabriel is actually fun and cheerful. Oh, and not intimidating at all. 

The actor recently celebrated his birthday in Durban and he shared some snaps on Instagram. He was with his lady, who clearly makes him happy. 


Beach vibes 

Look at that smile... 

We haven't seen the "chief" smiling like this on TV. We hope you had a lovely birthday, Gabriel. 

Image credit: Instagram
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