Gigi Lamayne Caught In The Scramble For A Date

The Valentine's fever is catching up

By  | Feb 02, 2022, 08:14 AM  | Gigi Lamayne  | Relationships

Gigi Lamayne
With only 11 days left before Valentine’s day, the love fever is getting more and more intense. Even our celebrities have not been spared from feeling like they need to spend the day with their romantic partner, and now Gigi Lamayne is scrambling for a date.

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The rapper recently took to her Instagram stories to share a moment with her fans and followers. As celebrities often do on social media, she put up the “Ask me a question” function of the platform. And of course, as we all often like to interact with and know more about our favourite celebrities, it wasn’t long before the questions started flowing in. 

Being the month of love, it seems like everybody, celebrity and fans alike, has love on the brain. So many of the questions she received had the common thread. She was first asked whether she is single, to which she responded that she came out of the womb single. I mean, didn’t we all, Gigi?

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The response was exactly what the fans needed, and they immediately started to shoot their shot at her. She shared two responses of fans asking her out on a date. From her answers, it looks like her ideal date would be on 17th of July, and she would be taken out to eat seafood. Quite specific, right?

But then she went on to ask her loyal fans not to disappoint her, and to make sure she gets a Valentine’s day gift. She thinks she should be rewarded for her loyalty in the face of everything she has been through in the past, and we have to agree. 

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The rapper recently had a public meltdown on Twitter. She went on a long rant with a thread that talked about how she had battled mental health issues in the past, and how she was still not okay even then. 

It came after she had been bullied by club promoter and socialite Inno Morolong, and subsequently asked about her after Inno was reported to have allegedly assaulted one of her club girls. Gigi was upset that she was being dragged back into one of the most traumatic experiences of her life, when she was humiliated in public, then it was made even worse by people assuming she would be friends with her bully. 

She seems to be doing much better, though, if her social media presence is anything to go by. In the last few weeks, she has been focusing on doing inner spiritual work on the Instagram account @gogotinaaguaspeaks, and it seems to be working wonders for her mental health. 

And if you have always had a crush on Gigi, this is your sign to shoot your shot. After all, Pearl Thusi has a second date coming up with Mr Smeg, so there is a chance that Gigi accepts a date with a non-celebrity. 

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