Kat From Skeem Saam Shocks Viewers With His Tattoos

There’s a lot you don’t know about the actor

By  | Oct 24, 2022, 10:09 PM  | Relationships

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Actor Patrick Seleka who stars as Katlego Peterson in the SABC 1 drama series Skeem Saam recently went shirtless and showed off the many tattoos on his back.
This took many viewers by surprise as they never pictured Katlego having tattoos.
Well, for starters, they are always hidden on Skeem Saam and he is always portrayed as a sweet near-perfect young man on Skeem Saam.
He says one day he will explain the meaning behind his tattoos.
In the past, Patrick Seleka admitted to being abusive to his wife Mmabaneng Seleka. 
Seleka took to Instagram to confess that he was the main cause of his wife's depression and has apologised.
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Seleka’s wife Mmabaneng previously posted about being depressed on social media and this raised a few people's eyebrows.
Seleka opened up.
"The reason for my wife's depression is me," he captioned his now-deleted video on social media.
 “The main reason my wife is going through her depression...I should say that all of it, is because of me. I am the reason she has been so depressed for so long and the one thing that's the worst is I haven't been there for her. I was emotionally and mentally abusive to her,” he said.
 He said that he was not proud of how he treated his wife and would not do that to her worst enemies.

 “I have put my wife in a position where I wouldn't want even my worst enemies to be in and I am coming out publicly to her - wherever she is right now - and her family and to everyone that I humbly apologise for everything that I have done and I will do my level best to make things right for her,” apologised Patrick.
This was not the first time opened up about ill-treating his wife. He publicly apologised to his wife for coming home intoxicated, body shaming her and swearing at her, among other things.
 “I'm sorry for body shaming you. I'm sorry for calling you names. I'm sorry for swearing at you. I'm sorry for comparing you. I'm sorry for badmouthing you trying to hide everything. I'm sorry for screaming and shouting at you. I'm sorry for coming home drunk and just fighting you for no reason at all. I'm sorry for cheating countless times. I'm sorry for turning you into a joke and 'ag shame, only if she knew' to other women. I'm sorry for ruining everything for you. I'm sorry for destroying your friendships. I'm sorry for not being there for you.
 “I'm sorry for not being the man I promised you to be. I'm sorry for all the nights you have cried yourself to sleep - whereas I was right next to you and I just ignored you. I'm sorry for landing you into depression and making you take antidepressants. I'm sorry for being a monster, not only to you but to our kids as well. I'm sorry for abusing you mentally, emotionally and verbally. I am sorry Mmabaneng,” said the actor.
Main Image Credit: Patrick Seleka Instagram Account
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