Kelly And Zandie Confront Each Other

"I speak my truth"

By  | Sep 27, 2022, 05:58 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Relationships

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The Khumalo sisters have patched things up and let go of their differences. After years of back and forth, they have finally sat down with a psychologist and worked things out.

We see this in the latest episode of Life With Kelly where together with their mother, they went to Kelly's psychologist who helped them air out their issues and come down to the root of the problem. 

In the episode, Zandie tells her side of the story which caused their public fight. Few years back, Zandie's husband Mhlo Gumede used Kelly's name for events without her consent. It was suggested by reports that Mhlo took R17 000 in bookings for events which had Kelly's name but she knew nothing about that. 

Distancing herself from Mhlo, Kelly released a statement saying: "With all due respect, Mhlo Gumede is my sister's husband And manager NOT my bookings manager nor part of my team, never was and never will be, so whatever dealings you may have with him Do NOT involve me."

In the episode, they addressed this and Zandie said she offered to give Kelly some proof in a form of bank statements. 

"If you're going to accuse me of something, have proof," said Zandie. "I offered to give my sister proof, anything. If you spoke about a bank I told her I will take bank statements and give them to you, let's go through them one by one, but she was not willing to listen."

Kelly Khumalo then told her side of the story. "You know I'm a very factual person. I speak from a place of facts, but now I have proof from promoters that have given me proof and it's not one promoter, a couple of them. I still have to date those proofs. But I don't want to get into that," she said. 

Speaking to the cameras Kelly said she is never afraid to put up a fight, "I'm never afraid to put up a fight simply because I speak my truth and I always have supporting evidence and everything I argue about."

In her divorce announcement, Zandie said, "“If I was divorcing my husband maybe it would have been a little bit easier and lighter, but I am separating from a person I have known for all my life and have shared laughs, pain, excitement, and disappointment with all my life, my sister,” Zandie wrote.

Kelly patched things up with Zandie but her relationship with Wanda Baloyi crumbled.

"I am mad and thank God that I had a bit of a drink because if I was sober I was going to just break that place into pieces and the people in it, I am not lying to you," Kelly said. "When Wanda needs support from me she gets it. She sent me a message while I was doing my nails, and said she was emotional. I did not bother to find out what was going on. I asked her where she was. Whenever she is tired and heartbroken I say let's have dinner at my house. This is me doing this for her outside my own demons that I am fighting on a daily basis that nobody cares about."

Kelly said Wanda is disrespectful "I was exhausted and I just woke up in the morning and heard that Wanda was spilling wine inside the house. I am very mad and I don't want to even see Wanda at this point."

Kelly said, adding that Wanda is self centered. 

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