McKenzie and Kenny Part Ways

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Kenny Kunene  | Relationships

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Prison mates and business partners Kenny Kunene and Gayton McKenzie have revealed to City Press that they'll both be pursuing their own business interests "independent of each other".

After meeting during their incarceration Kunene and McKenzie decided to pursue a business together which includes businesses such as their ZAR nightclub franchise, etv reality Show So What.

However due to different business interest McKenzie instructed his lawyers to unbundle and sell their business interest to Kunene.

McKenzie said that Kunene was too invested in developing his own porn-business empire which led to them parting ways.  McKenzie felt that both their business goals had become different as McKenzie is more invested in his motivational speaking business.

“  I watch porn, but I never saw myself as someone who’d make porn.  It’s also not something I think we need to do, as businessmen, but Kenny is determined to be South Africa’s Hugh Hefner.

“I just can’t see myself speaking to school kids in the morning and then going off to produce a porn film right afterwards.  Kenny will take over the entertainment side of things; I’ll focus on what I love, just the same.”

McKenzie revealed that most of the ZAR management group were behind Kenny’s porn business venture which ultimately outvoted McKenzie.


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