So what's the deal with Khanya Mkangisa & Dream Team's Trey?

They're probably just really good friends, but then again, you never know. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Khanya Mkangisa  | Relationships

these two

Besides, who said good friends can't turn into lovers?

We've always brushed off these two as real good friends who supported each other in every aspect of their careers. But as of late, that friendship has been way too strong for us to dismiss it as just that.

Our curiosity about these two awakened again after spotting the two at Hard Rock Cafe' in Sandton during an event, the two were seen with a couple of friends having great fun.

The rapper and media personality have really been supportive of each other, to such an extent that they notice the smallest things about each other as well.

Khanya Mkangisa

But after seeing the two entertainers at Hard Rock Cafe' and Trey's flower delivery for his "bestie" we're convinced that the friendship has blossomed into a bae type of vibe.

Trey and Khanya

What's your conclusion of these two? 

It's clear that these Dream Team boys don't play at all. Dash got Ayanda by his side and now Trey with Khanya?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ilovekhanya/Trey_DT