Khanyi Will Forever Suffer For What She Did To Kudzai

Mzansi will not let her rest for that Dubai stunt

By  | Nov 23, 2021, 08:36 AM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Relationships

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Khanyi Mbau and her bae Kudzai Mushonga might have put the Dubai stunt to bed, but Mzansi will not let her rest. She laid the issue to rest last week during a radio interview and said she never intended to mock Kudzai she only needed to protect her mental health. But tweeps did not buy that, hence the reason she is trending.

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A video clip of a man kicking a woman out from his car has gone viral. The man scolds the woman and tells her to leave his car but she keeps on apologising. He then proceeds to pull her out from his car and the video ends.

This sparked outrage with women bashing the man for wanting to leave the woman stranded in the middle of nowhere. But this incident reminded people of the time where a man was left in Dubai worried sick and out of his mind thinking that something horrible might have happened to his woman or she left him.

Kudzai Mushonga went on several Instagram lives urging Khanyi Mbau to come back to him and even cried out and shown vulnerability.

Khanyi returned back to South Africa to regain her sanity because she said she could not cope in that environment and they had a huge fight.

This even won her a drama Queen of the year award at the Feather Awards and she dedicated that award to Kudzai. “I have never spoken about my ordeal and the Shiya Indoda eDubai. It wasn’t a song to make fun of anyone. It was actually a statement.

“My journey has changed since I started in the industry. I was a kept woman, but I worked my way up to becoming the woman who keeps others,” said Khanyi.

“I was empowering the young girl who is a slay queen, who looks at Khanyi and says ‘I want to travel the world like you. But the message was, ‘Don’t be in a relationship because you have to, be there because it’s a holiday and you want to and even if he pisses you off, on the second day of your vacation, you can take the first class back home,” she revealed.

She then dedicated the award to her bae, “I would like to dedicate this award to Kudzie, he has shown men that it’s okay to show strength in pain, to be remorseful on social media, and look the fool yet show that men too have emotion. That you can show how much you love a woman and how sympathetic you are.

“I know it seems like a joke, but a young boy of 28 years old has taught men to fight for the woman you love, and that’s the new trend.”

“So when you walkout as though you are coming back, it’s not an insult, it’s knowing your worth. If they don’t understand you for who you are leave as though you going to the bathroom. If at home they misunderstand you, leave as though you going to hang the washing and return on Wednesday. It isn’t a diss song, it's an empowering song. You call the shots when you want to,” she said.

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