Kamo Mphela Is Too Much For Slik Talk

Did he chicken out?

By  | Nov 23, 2021, 07:26 AM  | Kamo Mphela  | Drama

Image of Kamo Mphela
There are many ways to get famous, yet we wouldn't endorse them all. For instance, trashing other people who are way more famous and more successful than you are is certainly one way, but should it be a child's dream? Well…

Anyway, that's the path one podcaster called Slik Talk chose, and I guess it's working out for him the way he wanted. But did he finally meet his match? 
Slik Talk has been getting in trouble left and right for picking fights with ZAlebs. And while he has been providing some entertainment to the social media crowd, we are beginning to wonder how sustainable this "hustle" is. 
He recently picked a literal fight with Cassper Nyovest. In fact, the two are supposed to schedule a physical boxing match, in the ring and everything. And all of Mzansi will be waiting to see who wins. 
But he also recently threatened singer and dancer Kamo Mphela. In a video response to Cassper, he signed off with "Kamo Mphela, I'll deal with you tomorrow". Why, you ask? 

But "tomorrow" came and went, with no new video response to Kamo Mphela. And now tweeps are wondering, did Slik Talk finally punch above his weight? (No pun intended) 

There is no doubt that Kamo Mphela is not the one to mess with. The dancer who rose to fame only recently has already been the target of a lot of hate and trolling online. The most common "critique" is that she changes faces all the time, as her makeup looks often confuse tweeps. 
While she mostly takes it all quietly, when she takes the time to engage with these trolls, she completely shuts it down. On one such incident, she specifically told tweeps that they could drag her as much as they wanted, but she was going to f**k them all up. Did you shudder a little just then? 

In the meantime, Kamo is taking no time off from securing the bag. She is staying booked and busy, because she is not about to give a bully more energy and attention that he deserves. In fact, her price may go higher. And you remember how much it costs to book her, right? 

We will continue to wait for the weirdest "fight" of the year for now. But something tells us that Slik Talk will soon bite more than he can chew. Then maybe our favourite ZAlebs can catch a break? 

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