The comments on Driver Bae's Facebook page are hilarious

Driver bae was never ready for all the thirsty comments directed towards him.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Kirene Sbusiso Moaforiwa  | Relationships


It's no secret that South African women are head over heels for Date My Family's Driver Bae aka Kirene Sbusiso Moaforiwa & now most ladies are making sure that he takes note of them.

Driver Bae is probably the envy of most men in the country ever since he made his debut on the show. Come to think of it, we bet the bachelors on Date My Family are always nervous about him driving around with their potential date. Chances are the ladies who go on the show are actually more interested in having Driver Bae as a date rather than their other three potential dates, so as a guy you're probably always sitting on the edge of your seat praying that Driver Bae doesn't s'thina you. But thankfully, Driver Bae is not that type of guy...or so we think.

Driver bae
Facebook/Kirene Sbusiso Moaforiwa

Thanks to Twitter CSI, Driver Bae's Facebook account was finally found on Sunday night and boy did the ladies have a field day in his comments section.

Here are some of our favourite comments from his Facebook account.

See the ladies don't want much from him, just his time.

not much

Just one ride nyana toe Driver Bae?

Just a ride

Seems like the ladies are comfortable with sharing him as well.


Some ladies even want to take him out for a Valentines Day date, whilst others would love to take him on Uyang'thandaNa. We'd definitely watch that episode.


Marriage in the works for Driver Bae and he doesn't even know it.


Guys, have we ever considered that Driver Bae might be involved? But then again some ladies probably don't really care and he's yet to confirm that.

Driver Suit

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Main Image Credit: Facebook/@Kirene Sbusiso Moaforiwa