Lady Du Is At Her Happiest Since Break Up

"I am in such a happy place, I feel free, lighter and more revived"

By  | Jan 12, 2022, 03:55 PM  | Lady Du  | Relationships

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When a celebrity makes it her mission for people to see themselves in them, they gain so much support and love, just like Lady Du. The star reiterated that she is not a celebrity and that she does not aspire to be famous. This comes after her break up with actor Andile Mxakaza, and she said she is at peace and is free.

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Lady Du is very strong in prayer and she always encourages her followers to do the same. Se draws her strength through prayer and is encouraging other people to do so as well.

She is very much aware of what is being said about her on social media so she never bothers herself to correct anyone. She encourages her fans to cry if need be, "It’s ok to cry as long as you release whatever you are feeling, it’s ok to be transparent so people never have things to say that are beyond your control. I don’t live life watching what I say and do. I actually live by the truth nothing but the truth, I don’t have to tell 10 stories to correct the lies. Faith is the key, hope is what keeps me going. Wisdom is my wealth."

Lady Du is booked and busy and her bank account might tell you exactly that. But she does not praise all the money she has acquired and does not think she is wealthy through material things.

"I pray every single day. I speak to God about my problems not people. The level of understanding I have of where I am in my spirit and faith is what actually helps me pull through a lot of things."

Lady Du revealed that she and Andile broke up a month ago and had to come to terms with her break up. So people might think she is hurting but se said she is not, instead she is at a happier place. Andile mentioned that witchcraft caused their split and that women used to use dark magic on Lady Du to get her to stay away from Andile. But he is hopeful that they will find their ways back to each other.

The Amapiano Queen made it clear that she is not hurting despite what people might think, "I know some of you think I’m hurting but to be honest with you from the bottom of my soul, I am in such a happy place, I feel free. I actually feel lighter and more revived. Spiritually and mentally." Lady Du added, "A strong woman is one that keeps quite and trusts what God is about to display in her life."

Her 15 years in the industry never changed who she is and who she is to other people. She made it clear that she is not a celebrity and that "fame is not what I am chasing!"

The negative comments do not wear or tear her down, "Nothing negative said about me gets to me. I firmly know who I am. CONTENT!"

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