Sonia Mbele's Bikini Pics Break The Internet

45 never looked so good

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Actress and entrepreneur Sonie Mbele is certified body goals. The beaut is 45-years-old but social media users are drooling over her, saying she does not look a day over 35.

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Sonia set the internet ablaze with her bikini pictures and topped the trends list. She is currently on a dreamy holiday vacation in Cape Town and is serving heat. She shared some snaps and asked her followers if they "wanna swim?"

For years people have been in awe over Sonia's hot body and she has not aged a bit. We are taking notes.

There are other stars serving hot bikini pictures on their holiday to the Mother City. At first we have Unathi Nkayi whose hot curves saw her friend Minnie Dlamini getting mocked.

The four friends were doing the Nkao Tempela dance challenge and Miss Unathi Nkayi grabbed all of the attention.

It was all positive until trolls decided to mock Minnie Dlamini and said marriage worn her out.

Clapping back though, was Dlamini who served a hot bikini picture of her own.

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Another star rocking Cape Town and serving heat is Shauwn Mkhize. The entrepreneur is still 5 days away from returning to her busy life and getting all the money. While many were having a blue Monday, the only thing blue on her Monday was her swimsuit.

Women on the timeline were convinced that the secret to Sonia and MamMkhize's glow was divorce, "Aybo Why do women become so attractive after a divorce? Their bodies, too, change. They appear to be even younger. What is it that guys are doing to us? You guys make us question you. Look at how nice Sonia Mbele is. Mamkhize too. You Name them honey," said @imxolilecndo

Sonia Mbele is set on making enough money for her as she started a water business that will make people thirsty for success.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Sonia said, “Here's to a healthy lifestyle and drinking the right kind of water. The Ph balance of the water is 10-plus which means that it's alkaline to the maximum, we are pure to the maximum. It is the kind of water that makes you feel vitalised. The water has many benefits not only for the body but for the mind as well.”

Her main focus is employment and being the one to create that must be an achievement for her, “We want people to be employed; 2020 was not easy and in 2021 we were recovering ... it's been tough, there was no work. You need multiple streams of income, so that's what pushed me to get up and go try other means of making a living. And I wanted my fellow South Africans to come along with me for the ride.”

“Because of job losses and unemployment, and the consistent water crisis we face in Africa, Alkamax came up with a solution to provide supercharge quality water at affordable prices. Therefore helping to change the economic situation and allowing anyone and everyone to create an extra income,”  she told the publication

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