Lasizwe's Mystery Boo Uncovered!

He is an actor on The River

By  | Nov 13, 2020, 02:19 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Relationships

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Youtuber Lasizwe Dambuza recently celebrated a monumental moment as a social media influencer – 1 million followers on Instagram! In honour of the milestone, Lasizwe shared a video which saw him frolicking around his mansion with a mystery man. The visuals, shot by Scott Hurley heard Elaine’s You’re The One playing in the background. 

Captioned with, “Come Celebrate 1 Million Followers with us. You’re very special to me”, the scene opened with a well-built man showing up at Lasizwe’s Johannesburg crib, holding onto a congratulatory balloon and basket that was filled with flowers and pamper products. Thereafter, he was seen feeding baby boy with some strawberry and cream as they laughed along flirtatiously. 

Things then started to heat up as Lasizwe paged through a book whilst in bed in the arms of the dark-skinned stranger who lustfully rubbed his chest in adoration. Then they playfully broke out into a pillow fight, before Lasizwe made his way downstairs to read a note that was left for him. It stated, “Your heart is pure gold. I hope you find someone to treasure you, like the gold that you are. Love, Your Future.”

It appears the social media detectives have uncovered who this mystery hunk is. According to iHarare, the man is Wiseman Zitha who portrayed Mondli on The River.
It is unclear if the video was a metaphor used to signify Lasizwe’s wishful thinking for the future, which may or may not include a man, or if it was his way of expressing that his career and goals are what gives him those fuzzy feelings – not a man. One thing is for sure, his followers are certain that the pair had definite chemistry, even though we couldn’t see bae’s face. 

Just two weeks ago, it appeared as though Lasizwe was going through a dry spell as he insinuated that he hadn’t been getting any action in the bedroom.  Khanyi Mbau's baby brother recently took to his Twitter account to vent about his sexual frustrations. Damubuza first began by saying that he doesn't really want a serious relationship but something fun you know? However, turns out there is more as he later explained the main reason he wants a situationship.

He tweeted that he wants to take someone else's son on a baecation, he'll cover all the costs. However, we all know there is nothing for mahala in this world. In turn, Lasizwe just wants do get some in he'll ensure you are taken care of.

"I want to take someone son on all expenses paid vacation you just need arrive and service this engine and enjoy the holiday living soft for a few days.  Is it too much to ask for?".
Picture credit: Scott Hurley 
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