"Fake News" - Letoya And Lebo Still Going Strong

Rumours of a separation spread but Letoya debunks them

By  | Mar 13, 2023, 06:17 PM  | Letoya Makhene  | Relationships

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According to Sunday World, Letoya Makhene and her wife Lebo Keswa reportedly hit a rocky place in their relationship earlier this year.  The publication claims that their marriage almost reached it's demise as Letoya allegedly moved out from their marital home.

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The publication further alleged that Letoya moved out from their home and went to live in Kempton Park. When contacted, the couple admitted that maintaining a relationship is not easy but they are working through their difficulties.

However, the traditional healer said this is false and they found it very funny, "To come home with my wife from umghidi and us waking up to news of a separation was the funniest thing ever. Unfortunately fake news like this does affect our families and people close to us. Thanks to everyone who’s been checking up on us. Your love and support means the world to us," she wrote on Instagram.

Lebo Keswa told the publication that they did indeed face adversities, “Relationships and marriage are not easy. But if we want to and if we choose to, we can make life much easier and bearable. If we choose each other over and above anyone else and agree we want to spend the rest of our lives together and close each other’s eyes when the day comes, all the better…

“There will always be differences, there will be fallouts, there will always be misunderstandings, there will always be people who do not wish you well and cause conflict, there will always be challenges that are beyond comprehension,” said Lebohang.

Letoya on the other hand beaut around the bush and gave a motivational response instead, “Having an emotionally mature partner is important. You’re able to express your thoughts and feelings, openly. They don’t insult you; they don’t ignore you, they don’t become aggressive, or manipulative. They listen, they respond, they patiently hold space for you," she said.

“Your soul mate is someone who’s committed to working things out with you and doesn’t see breaking up as an option. They are willing to have difficult conversations and are always devoted to finding solutions that make the both of you feel secure, reassured, and happy in your relationship,” she added.

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Letoya previously gushed over Lebo on her special day, "You have brought light into my life and have taught me how I deserve to be loved," wrote Letoya.

She added, "For that I will appreciate you forever. I cannot imagine life without you. I cannot imagine my world with another. You are the only one who has filled this empty void that I have had in my heart for so long. You are the personification of Love. You are the personification of truth.

"You are unpredictable, fun and crazy! These are the attributes that make up Lebo and I will never forget you for that. You are that person that I will eternally thank God for bringing into my life. I Love You. I’ve Loved you from the first day that I met you. May this be a fruitful year for you. Filled with only positivity and everything that your heart has ever wished for. I will Always Love You," she closed off her message.

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