Letoya Makhene On How Her Dad Feels About Her New Relationship

He is the real MVP

By  | Apr 15, 2020, 06:02 PM  | Letoya Makhene  | Relationships

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Earlier this month actress Letoya Makhene left Mzansi speechless when it was discovered that she had found love in the arms of another woman.

The woman in question being Joburg business woman Lebohang Keswa.

After the reports circulated the two decided to come out and declare their love publicly.

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As much as she is fighting off the haters her father is standing by her and her new love. Her famous dad Blondie Makhene has already blessed their relationship and has welcomed Lebo to the family.

In an interview with Sunday World the actress and sangoma said she had been afraid of how her father would react to the news that she was dating another woman. 

“My biggest fear was telling my dad and my children that mommy is in love with a woman. I was afraid of hurting them,” 

Clearly she shouldn't have been bothered because her dad is happy either way. In a sweet but lengthy Instagram post Letoya thanks her dad for his blessing and the three can be seen hugging it out. In part the caption read:

Thank you daddy for the blessing you gave us. Yours and God's is the only blessing that matters.

She also talked about how getting into a relationship with Lebo had not been her plan but it was either she accepts that love or lose herself trying to make it work with men.

"I stood before my God and asked Him if this was a joke. I also reminded Him that I remember being very specific in my requests. He gave me 2 choices. One was to receive His gift of love as is, the other was to walk away and lose myself bit by bit to men who will never really understand or honour me because of the power that I possess through the gifts that He has given me."

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Love Wins! 

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