Masasa Mbangeni & Boyfriend Gwydion Beynon Calls It Quits

Another relationship has bite the dust

By  | Dec 09, 2022, 03:49 PM  | Masasa Mbangeni  | Relationships

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It is true when they say all that is gold does not always glitter, as actress Masasa Mbangeni and boyfriend Gwydion Beynon calls it quits. Reportedly, the television writer and producer Beynon and Mbangeni have parted ways following an abrupt break-up.

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According to Zimoja Lezinto, Masasa Mbangeni and boyfriend Gwydion Beynon are no longer an item, following a very sad break-up that has left Mbangeni in a very 'traumatic' state.

The couple were one of the most loved and cherished, especially because both Mbangeni and Beynon are TV geniuses. Mbangeni is the queen of the screen, who continues to assassinate every role that's been given to her. Meanwhile, Beynon is a genius behind the camera. He writes and produces some of Mzansi's most loved and watched series, including The River and the new and upcoming, Gqeberha The Empire.

Zimoja Lezinto heard from a very close friend of both Mbangeni and Beynon, and the friends has relayed that the break-up did take a huge knock on Mbangeni.

“She was a heartbroken shame. It ended badly and abruptly, and she wasn’t handling the breakup.” said the friend

Reportedly, the pair was already staying together and from some of their pictures from social media one could tell that love was definitely in the air. However, the staying together part may have been the biggest contributing factor to the break up.

The close friend continued to mention that the relationship was going just about right until Mbangeni returned back to acting, after taking a long break as she was working a drama lecturer.

“They got too excited too soon, maybe. S*it hit the fan when she quit her job as a Drama lecturer and went back to acting. That’s where the danger was. Acting is frustrating because there is no sustainable income in South Africa. She should go abroad. I think that got to Gwydion. The fact that she wasn’t really working. But they looked so good together and we thought they would eventually get married because they had met each other’s families.” said the friend

Mbangeni really loved Beynon and from some of her past tweets, one could claim with their whole chest that she was loved back. She used to speak highly of Beynon and she really allowed some of fans and followers into their relationship.

“But I doubt she will be dating anytime soon, But I hope he at least gives her work in one of their productions, but I highly doubt with the way things ended.”

Both Masasa and Beynon have not shared the break up on their social media nor have issued a statement explaining such. However, recently Mbangeni is spending more time with her mother back home and doing all the cute things a mother and daughter does.

Exactly nine months ago, Mbangeni was once quoted saying "men deserve the very least in life". This comes after sharing a story about her past boyfriend who refused to marry her when asked by his family.

"A man was once asked by his family why don’t you marry Masasa and his response was “why the fck would anyone do that?”...5 years later is that man not begging me to come back to his life," she tweeted before deactivating her Twitter account.
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