Masasa Mbangeni Bashes Men

"Men deserve the very least in life"

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Actress Masasa Mbangeni has never shied away from opening up about her failed relationships on her social media platforms. 
"Men deserve the very least in life," the former Scandal star said sharing another story about her ex-lover.

"A man was once asked by his family why don’t you marry Masasa and his response was “why the fck would anyone do that?”...5 years later is that man not begging me to come back to his life," she tweeted before deactivating her Twitter account.
It seems like the actress has never been lucky when it comes to picking the right men. She previously opened up about her ex who called her ugly. Read More: Masasa Mbangeni On Her Failed Relationship

Last month Masasa opened up about her father's passing. She said he died of broken heart after he lost his job. 

Also asking people to be kinder to unemployed individuals, the TV star tweeted, "My father was unemployed after he had been retrenched and it broke his heart. He tried every day to secure work but there was none. He died of a broken heart. Don’t date unemployed people if your capacity for compassion is at negative none. Nisihleba kwiTshomi 

"Who treats us badly because of your utterances. It’s not right. You have a right to your values and ideal. Pursue them with the same vigour used to abuse unemployed partners." 

Masasa is currently starring in Mzansi Magic hit drama series called Mzali Wami as Joyce. She shared that she has learnt a lot from the character. "I've also learned the importance of staying closer to the truth. Even when her child was lost, she didn't change her story but maintained it. This tells me that if you stick to your truth, it doesn't matter what people are saying - what is important is to be patient and remain true to yourself," she told News24.

She added that the role came at the right time when she had just lost her Scandal gig. "I hadn't been shooting for a while due to Covid, and my Scandal character, Thembeka, had just died. This role came at a beautiful time when I had made peace with her death. Let's just say, an opportunity to work during the pandemic came and I grabbed it with both hands."

She also told the publication that she enjoyed working alongside her co-star Dumisane Mbebe. "Dumisani is a great actor, very funny and also kind. He's very complex and compassionate. I recognize that passion within myself as well and I guess that's why we got along so well on set. I could give him advice and he would do the same for me too."

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