#OPW: Mkhulu Jordan & Gogo Venita's love stands the test of time

This was one of the best Our Perfect Wedding (OPW) episode we've seen in a long time.

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Mkhulu and Gogo

Mkhulu Jordan and Gogo Venita have inspired the nation with their understanding of love and patience and what it means to be in a marriage.

The elderly couple has been married for 60-years and were kind enough to invite the OPW crew and the rest of Mzansi to witness their union.

Gogo and Mkhulu had decided to renew their vows to each other as they not only wanted to share their love with family and friends but to also show the youth that God sustains and that any couple can reach 60+ years in marriage.


The inspiring couple met back in the 1950's after Mkhulu Jordan had spotted Gogo Venita whilst she was getting her hair braided on a sunny day back in the 1950's. The two started dating in 1954 but only got married later in 1958, however, it was not easy for Mkhulu Jordan to get Gogo Venita's attention at first.

Mkhulu shared how he had written numerous letters to Gogo asking her out but she had not responded to any of his letters until one day he bumped into her on the street and eventually plucked up the courage to ask her if she had read his letters. 

Gogo Venita told him that she had, but at the time she was not sure about it, however, she admits that on the day he approached her and asked about the letters, she immediately fell in love and said yes to dating him. 


Mr & Mrs Silindane shared how their road to 60-years of marriage wasn't an easy one as they were confronted with a lot of challenges and heartbreak which included losing two of their children and having family members meddle in their marriage which even caused them to move to Cape Town at some point.

But considering how much the couple loved and respected each other they made things work regardless of the challenges they were faced with.

One thing we loved about this wedding was Mkhulu's wise message about marriage and love. 

Mkhulu shared that when in marriage, young people should try to avoid friends as friends can influence you to make wrong decisions that could cause problems within your marriage. He also shared that once you're married, your best friend becomes your spouse.

Mkhulu and Gogo1

The airing of this episode has inspired a lot of people who were watching the show, here are some of the social media reactions people had while watching the show.

Even actress - Dawn Thandeka King was inspired by this episode

True Love exists ❤❤❤❤ #myperfectwedding

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Love wins yet again.

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