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Mzansi's Fave LGBTQ Relationships

By  | Feb 16, 2022, 05:58 PM  | Moonchild Sanelly  | Relationships

Moshe Ndiki/Sade Giliberti
It is often said that love supersedes all things. From race, age,social and economic background, you name it. And when our Zalebs find true love, it is always such a beautiful sight to see and we can without a doubt see how love looks good on them. 

It is because of this that we have decided to have a look at our LGBTQ couples who have always had us believing in love. Read on to find out if your fave couple will make it on the list. 

Moshe Ndiki And Phelo Bala

Moshe and Phelo’s love story is one of a kind and even though it is being rumored that the two are close to officially calling it quits, Mzansi is still rooting for their love. 

It has been a known fact that their relationship has been on the rocks for a while especially after it was reported that Moshe had allegedly assaulted Phelo with a candle stand that left nasty wound. 

That however did not stop them from getting married and fans were beyond themselves with this great news. 

The two lovebirds just recently celebrated their 2 year wedding anniversary and took to social media to celebrate their love and how far they have come. It really has been a beautiful sight to see how they have kept on loving and supporting each other,and we can only hope that they will find their way back to each other again. 

Letoya Makhene And Lebohang Pulumo

It was not that long ago when Generations actress Letoya Makhene revealed to Mzansi that she had found love in the arms of another woman. 

Letoya, who had been married before with five kids, sent shockwaves with her news and it was clear that no one had seen this coming. 

But like we know, love can never be contained and it is good to see that she finally found the one meant for her. 

And while many were still confused as to what inspired their love, it was soon after that their proposal broke the internet, confirming that the two lovebirds were actually serious about being together. 

Letoya and Lebo have been married for close to two years now and as is in any other relationship, things have not been as easy but they continue to warm our hearts with how well they love each other and raise their children.

Sade Giliberti And Coco Chane

Next up on the list is this beautiful interracial couple that always sets our timelines ablaze with their steamy and yet very adorable snaps. Now this is a love that is winning and it is such a beautiful sight to see. 

Sade who is a TV presenter, now in London, previously shared about how hard it had been for her to come out as a lesbian to her father and to the world too because she feared that her career on TV would be ruined. 

That however did not happen and it is good to see that despite the challenges that she had to face up until leaving for the UK, her career has taken an upward trajectory and that she and her wife continue living their best lives.

Nothing beats a love story that has stood the test of time. We love you two!

Moonchild Sanelly And Gontse More 

Now this was one relationship that many in Mzansi did not see coming. But one that warmed many hearts especially after it was learnt that Moonchild and her baby daddy had one messy fallout before fame. 

But she found love again with her girlfriend, Gontse More and when the Gqom’ hitmaker made an announcement that their engagement proposal was underway fans were beyond overjoyed.

And after fans had gotten to get a sneak peak at their relationship on the Moonchild Sanelly Woza reality show, Boo Beams were happy to see that they were finally going to make it official. 

Speaking to Daily Sun on how they met, Moonchild said, 

We met at the Durban July in KZN and hung out. I got her to sit on my lap and we started chatting. decided we were in a relationship the moment she sat on my lap. 

The two lovebirds are yet to get married and we can only imagine that it will be one stunning event since they announced that it will be held out of the country. We honestly cannot wait. 
Image Cred: Savannah News

Well then there you have it, even in adversity, it is good to see that these couples found each other and are now doing love together. We can only wish them the very best in their individual journeys moving forward. 

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