How Mpura’s Tattoo Still Reminds JazziQ Of Him

Abuti wadi Operations continues to hold his late best friend in his heart.

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August 2021 in Amapiano will always mark one of the saddest months for the then emerging South African original House sub-genre. This is as it marked a great loss in terms of what was touted then as some of the rising stars of Amapiano. 

Now referred to as The Amapiano Five who lost their lives during a tragic car accident believed to have been as a result of reckless driving on their end. Included in the five lives lost were Amapiano vocalists, Mpura and Killer Kau. 

Specifically the passing of Mpura was hard for his best friend and fellow Amapiano artist, JazziQ. The two had formed a deep friendship even before Mpura became the household name he did towards the tail end of his life.

As such, it did not come as a surprise when JazziQ memorialised his best friend by tattooing his face and name on his right arm. 
Moreover, to date, JazziQ still refers to the tattoo whenever he feels the presence of his late best friend. 

How Mpura’s tattoo still reminds JazziQ of him

Taking to Twitter recently, JazziQ reshared an initial TikTok post which was then shared on Twitter affirming that despite the time since Mpura’s passing that JazziQ still remembers his best friend. 

In the video in question, JazziQ is relaying the story of how he slept while basking in the sun. While he knew he had to get up, he was reluctant to. However, that is when he had Mpura’s voice telling him to wake up and go and do what needs to be done. 

JazziQ re-shared the post with a heart emoji asserting that as much as time has passed since the loss of his best friend, it does seem that he is not forgotten by him.
This is a fact which asserts his sentiments when he penned a touching note back in 2022 reflecting on what the loss of The Amapiano five, but Mpura and Killer Kau specifically meant to him. Reported at the time as: 

Mr. JazziQ took to social media to pen heartfelt messages to his late friends Mpura, Killer Kau and DJ Papers. Amapiano stars are like a close knit family who show each other unending support. We see it with Lady Du who extends a helping hand to everyone in the genre.

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The Woza hitmaker took to his social media pages to pay tribute to his close friends Mpura and Killer Kau who passed away as a result of a car accident. Their car collided with another on the N4 on their way to a gig in Rustenburg.

He said their deaths caused a huge hole in his heart, “These past few years I've lost so many people close to me and it's left a very deep place in my heart. I still say it's not a loss but still one of a few memories,” he said.

Penning a short letter to Killer Kau, JazziQ described him as a free spirited soul “I could possibly write a book about you, as a free spirited soul. Your warm heart and coal burnt voice. The experience I've had with you will forever be cherished. I love you ntwana yam.

He then spoke about Mpura and how close they were, to the point where they became brothers, “With you I didn't lose a friend or an acquaintance but someone who became a brother. I'm still saying it hurts. I miss you.

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