Musa And Liesl Continue To Shut Trolls Up

Monthiversaries are a thing now

By  | Oct 19, 2021, 10:45 AM  | Musa Mthombeni  | Relationships

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Regardless of what many might say about him and the many names they are calling him out for simply loving Liesl, Musa will not stop for anyone. He continues loving Liesl Laurie and will celebrate very single milestone they reach. Including their 2nd monthiversary.

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Forget celebrating anniversaries, the new trend is to celebrate monthiversaries. Every single month, trolls are going to have heart palpitations because Musa is going to celebrate the very day they said their nuptials. Taking to social media, Musa shared an image of the day he and Liesl tied the knot. He says he couldn't have asked for anything better than Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni and their love.

Of course Musa said it in his usual goofy tone and kicked it up a notch by describing her as his very own KFC. "My Powerball. My Multi-bet ticket. My 6-0 Kaizer Chiefs vs Barcelona. My Kentucky skinless drum stick with 11 herbs and spices."

On a serious note though, Musa is smitten over Liesl and it shows, "I couldn’t have prayed for or asked for anything better. Feel like yesterday when I couldn’t hold back the tears and made an ugly cry whilst you walked down the isle. Argh man!"

Liesl shared a short clip of her husband on IG and shared a short caption: "That's all."

Musa's OTT responses to Liesl, always leave tweeps with heart palpitations. A few days ago he commented three times on her picture on Twitter and posted her a long with a sweet caption on Instagram.

One post on Twitter reads, "are you real?" another one read, "Oh my goodness," and then he added multiple hot faced emojis. On Instagram, he wrote, " soon as I saw this post yesterday, I automatically went into groupie mode. I started commenting on her post saying all the things I could say so I could get her attention. I was standing in the parking lot at work screaming “I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES”

"Yes. I am ready and willing. Any day sthandwa sam. Just give me one chance. I’m sure many of you are wondering how this humble, sweet, innocent young man from the Vaal managed to “bag” himself such a queen. Let me tell you this little secret, I also don’t know. All I know is that I’m grateful to have such a loving, kind, sweet, caring and incredible person as a partner. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s this gorgeous."

Trolls asked Musa to tell her directly as it is a boring trends where couples take their business to Twitter. Another said Musa is behaving like a small boy who is dating for the first time.

"Surely some of you here practice witchcraft, surely. Me loving someone surely shouldn’t make you this angry and sad. Niyahlanya [are y'all mad?] Please see someone if you’re going through something. Dirt one side. What do they say? Love and light!"

His actions were also recently brought into the spotlight but this time his clapback were more lethal. "I just wake up and love my wife. That’s all, " he tweeted.

"Someone decided to do a whole English paper 3 about who they think I am...These troll accounts need to be stopped. Fake news accounts are the worst."

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