Natasha Confuses Her Followers With Her Traditional 'Wedding' Gown

The congratulatory messages came flooding

By  | Nov 07, 2022, 10:27 AM  | Natasha Thahane  | Relationships

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Natasha Thahane confused the enemy when she posted pictures of her wearing a traditional black and white outfit. In a private event held in Soweto, most of Natasha's industry friends were in attendance but none of them said a word about what was Natasha getting up to. 

Natasha posted pictures of herself in what looks like a traditional wedding gown. She even had a matching head wrap to go with the outfit completing the 'makoti' look. 

The Blood and Water actress gave us makoti vibes on her recent Instagram posts and fans have been flooding her Instagram with congratulatory messages. 

While some are still stuck on the previous infidelity rumors, some wonder if they got married or had a ceremony even close to that. 

Friends in attendance include Rosemary Zimu, Langa Mavuso, Oros Mampofu and his baby mama and her best friend Nozuko Ntshangase. 

However, Lorch posted pictures of him in the same background as Natasha but he was wearing a casual fit not making it look like he was getting married. 

Do you thick Natasha and Lorch tied the knot? 

Just a few days back, Lorch was accused of cheating on Natasha with his ex Nokuphiwa. They neither denied or confirmed the rumors. Come to think of it, the couple never acknowledged that they have a baby together. 

The podcast and chill team even trolled Natasha and said she is a single mother. 

The Ghost Lady said, "She is part of the statistics now." MacG reacted in shock, "But are we shocked, we all saw that was coming."

Slik Talk was the first person to drag Natasha for falling pregnant with a baby while she was dating Lorch, 
"This is one of the worst mistakes you've ever made in your life, you don't beg on a guy like Lorch. He is a complete liability , a fraud and overhyped media darling. He will disappoint you every time.

"You don't make a baby with a guy like Lorch, he is an embarrassment.  I'm an Orlando Pirates supporter. Do you know how much money I've lost because of this clown? You know how much embarrassment I've had to take because of this clown? He just embarrassed us on the weekend and you gonna be impregnated by a clown like Lorch," he said. 

"How are you going to justify to Blood and Water to play a teenager when you have a whole baby, you think it's going to let you play an 18 year old when you have a baby. That's not gonna happen. Natasha we all know that as a female actor when you have a baby in your 20s it's probably one of the biggest mistakes you ever made in your life. Having a baby in your 20s it's a mistake because it removes you from so many roles. You can't play a teenager and a college girl anymore.

Slik Talk concluded by saying Lorch is not talented, "Lorch in my opinion you are an embarrassment, you are a terrible football player and you've had only 1 good season,” he said.

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