Ntando Had Guilt For Not Being A Present Mother

She is doing much better

By  | Sep 13, 2021, 02:02 PM  | Ntando Kunene  | Relationships

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Former Miss SA Ntandoyenkosi Kunene has opened up about her experience of going back to school and being a mother to a toddler and we have got to admit, it gets real.

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Ntando took to her Instagram stories to let us know what she says is not spoken enough about.

She said, "Another thing that we actually don't talk about is mom guilt. I had to work on that cos when the year started, now it's much much better, I don't feel as guilty but when I was still adjusting to going back to school, working and the many other stuff that I do and also juts being a present mother, it has been hard but it is much better now.

"I feel better. I make more time to be with Oyinkosi even if sometimes its just him coming into my study and he can do whatever he does as much as I am still working but he's around and he's there...sometimes when I come downstairs, he going to say 'mommy go study', sometimes I feel bad I am like 'is that how you know me now' "

Three days ago, it was International Literacy Day and Ntando celebrated the day by honouring an invite from H.E Ambassador Anne Lammila. Taking to Instagram to share how her day went, she said, "FYI: According to the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) 2016 report, 78% of grade 4 learners in South Africa are unable to read for meaning. This paints a very gloomy picture for us as a society, as these children will become adults that cannot read and comprehend the texts that they have read.

Back in 2016, I did my Honours research based on Grade 6 teacher's pedagogy when it comes to English First Additional Language reading and writing skills. What I found was that there is a lack of continuity from the school environment to home
#ReadingCulture. I must add, there are valid reasons for the lack of this continuity considering where we come from as a country.

However, I don’t think we should look at Literacy as a problem to be solved in our schools only but as a problem that needs a multi-sectoral approach where we promote the culture of reading as a society. Most importantly, we need to go back and instill the love of reading amongst our elderly too. Let's make Literacy a societal issue.
#InternationalLiteracyDay #GlobalLiteracyDay #Literacy"

This opened up a flood of comments from teachers who can totally relate to what Ntando was talking about.

@mngadinelly said, "Have you visited my class 😏😏, seems like you talking about my grade 4s πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” I feel like I'm a failure because when I'm asking questions based on the text, I get no answer 😭😭😭"

@sheronmadlela said, "Very true the issue of literacy cannot only be solved in schoolsπŸ™Œ. We need to form reading clubs in our communities, public libraries, churches etc so as to foster the reading culture. It's doable. I'm so passionate about instilling a culture of reading in the society."

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