Money Talk: Priddy & Bontle Keep It Real

The couple open up about their finances

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Priddy Ugly  | Relationships

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Having been together for the past 10-years, Bontle Modiselle and Priddy Ugly have come to learn a lot about each other since they became a couple.

For many relationships, one of the main reason why couples break up or experience fights is because of financial misunderstandings and expectations.

During the couples interview with Slikouronlife the entertainers opened up about their financial standing as a couple and how they deal with speaking about money, especially considering how tight money can be when you're both working in the entertainment industry.

Bontle made it clear that from the jump, they both agreed that they would not have any financial secrecies within the relationship.

"We've never hid each other's financial standings from the beginning and that's what people need to learn that it's such a key element to have such transparency when money is concerned. We're both creatives, there were moments where it was a dry season for me and he took care of everything, vice versa,"
shared Bontle.

The entertainer also added that even when she and Priddy have those financial conversations they both ensure that they don't create unrealistic expectations of each other. She also added that as a couple they are not afraid to let each other know when they are experiencing some financial difficulties.

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Their financial understanding has become so easy going that they don't engage on it as much as they used to because they are quite open about the money coming in and going out of their pockets.

The famous couple is so comfortable with each other's finances that Priddy Ugly even mentioned that they read each other's contracts and advice each other on whether to take or decline a deal as they know and understand each other's worth.

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"We live in a world where you're on social media, you're getting paid for being influencers, brands want to use your 'gram now 'cause you have numbers or whatever. We get contracts, and we actually read each other's contracts. I be like 'Nah baby, it's a R100,000, but I think turn it down..' that time we're broke!"

Priddy Ugly attributed their understanding of money from his family's past experiences with money and how difficult it was to see his family have disputes over money secrecy.

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