Priddy Ugly: I have young girls throwing themselves at me

...but he's not impressed by that.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Priddy Ugly  | Relationships

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The year 2018 has proven to be a great success for rapper - Priddy Ugly but his success didn't come easy as he's spent years of hard work trying to get where he is.

Although with such success, Priddy Ugly has a few things he wants to get off his chest about people who are opportunists.

During an interview with Sunday Sun, the rapper spoke about how he's unimpressed with people who constantly ask for handouts, especially on social media.

"There's a growing trend where people go on social media to ask for things without working for them. I've had several young people send me requests on social media, asking for money," said the rapper.

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He also added that he's experienced two outrageous requests from a guy and a couple of young girls. The rapper told the publication that there was once a guy who requested that he stay with the rapper while he's here in Joburg. 

Priddy Ugly has also admitted that young girls tend to send him nude photos of themselves in exchange for favours.

"I have young girls throwing themselves at me and sending me nudes in exchange for help." 

However, the rapper made it clear that he does not entertain these young girls as he's happily in a relationship with his girlfriend - Bontle Modiselle whom he highly respects as well.

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Although Priddy can't deal or help everyone with their problems he did confirm to Sunday Sun that he is currently helping out a young man with his University registration fees.

Priddy Ugly is not the first celebrity to be asked for help on social media. A month ago, Boity was approached by a young woman who requested the media personality to urgently assist her with some rent money as she was about to start her first job in August. Boity obliged, and assisted the young woman.

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