Prince Kaybee Being Single Is Not Sitting Right With Him

Man is clearly going through it on the timeline

By  | Oct 30, 2022, 11:45 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Relationships

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Prince Kaybee is arguably one of the most sought after ZAlebs we have in terms of hot throbs currently in the country. A fact he only affirmed when a picture of his sizable manhood was leaked on social media, which only seemingly made him even more desirable. However, at the time of the leaked eggplant he was unattainable as he was in a relationship with fellow media personality, Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo.

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While the picture was leaked by his alleged mistress at the time, it did seem that Zola had forgiven the Fetch Your Life hitmaker as the parents of one child together would serve their own viral steamy video. However, it seems that after two plus years together, Prince Kaybee and Zola have called it quits. 

Prince Kaybee being single is not sitting right with him
It all started earlier this month when Prince Kaybee took to Twitter and became philosophical about relationships coming to an end. He went into his feelings by penning that: 
“Relationships don't fail, they end. Y’all probably achieved good things together, added value to one another and just maybe once built a business together, that's not a failed r/ship, it just ended.”
The post made many assume that Prince Kaybee might be alluding to the fact that he was single and coming to terms with the fact. He only made matters worse when he spoke about being celibate on the timeline, which seemed to confirm that he was single and not ready to mingle. 
But ever the eligible bachelor with a flare for tempting images. Prince Kaybee shared an image on the blue app of his outfit and look for the day as he travelled to Zimbabwe for a gig. While the image might have had women and a few men that lean that way salivating. Kaybee followed the image with a philosophical take on how images do not capture the essence of someone and that he prefers to see people in real life to know whether they are beautiful or not. 
Following his gig in Zimbabwe, it seems that something made him get into his feelings again. From quoting Kanye West on love to sharing a selfie with a caption that says, “I’m going through the most relationship wise,” Prince Kaybee is clearly crying out for help. 
To date neither Zola nor Prince Kaybee have come out to officially confirm that their romantic relationship is over. A fact which does come as a surprise considering that it might just result in further backlash for Zola for taking back a man who cheated on her. Or the fact that it was alleged that she had cheated and was attempting to come between Prince Kaybee and his mother
Whatever the reason for Kaybee and Zola’s  breakup, it seems that it is better unsaid rather than have details which might only result in more scrutiny. But what is clear so far is that there will be no engagement as it was alleged between the anytime time soon. 

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