Prince Kaybee Defends Mr JazziQ For Hitting On His 'Friends' Girlfriend

Tweeps are no surprised at all for this blunder coming from him

By  | Jan 18, 2023, 08:24 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Relationships

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While amapiano DJ and music producer Mr JazziQ is being lambasted all over social media for hitting on his friend's girlfriend. Prince Kaybee has come guns blazing to defend Mr JazziQ on his blunder.

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Social media users were having a field day at Mr JazziQ's expense yesterday. Following being called out on Instagram for relentlessly hitting on his friend's girlfriend. Evidently, Mr JazziQ does go by the bro code hence he has found himself in hot water.

What has caught scores of people's attention is how Prince Kaybee is defending Mr JazziQ with his full chest on this recently blunder. Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to shoot down the tattoo artist whose girlfriend is being hit on by Mr JazziQ. He continues to elude that the tattoo artist should consider his ship sinking now that Mr JazziQ is already on board.

"My 2cents: If a man gets your girls number from her consider him your older brother. You don’t text him or even look his way, your ship is sinking its time to hit the road Jack." wrote Prince Kaybee
Instead the lady in question has taken under Prince Kaybee's comment to ask him to take several seats as this does not involve him. Sedi Moshounyane is the girlfriend of the tattoo artists that is being hit on by Mr JazziQ.

"Lemme Correct You, He Called Me In Person Not A Phone Call. So Relax." wrote Sedi Moshounyane
Meanwhile scores of tweeps have called out Prince Kaybee for condoning infidelity amongst people as he confidently defends Mr JazziQ for hitting on someone else's girlfriend.

"Nisazo dutyulwa ninye nina, njengoba nicinga you can disrespect a guy and walk away smoking, it's not always about a girl with men, but RESPECT you know that self and you know how personal it is. Inkwenkwe ephatha i2cents imali emdaka amadoda akaycholi" wrote Sir Prot
However, tweeps are also reminded that this comes as a no surprise especially from the same Prince Kaybee who cheated on his baby mother and have his nudes pictures all over social media.

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