Sarah Langa And Hubby Divorced?

It is alleged that she will leave with R3 Million.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Sarah Langa  | Relationships

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Sunday World reported that Influencer Sarah Langa's husband, Jehan Mackay filed for divorce, allegedly over social media obsession.

Sarah, whose occupation revolves around social media, was allegedly left by her 'husband' in September last year. The couple has been married for only two years and ten months.

The businessman moved out of their home in Johannesburg, after several attempts of asking Sarah to keep his life private and away from social media. He even called for a family meeting, which failed to keep the influencer away from social media.

This was revealed by an anonymous source to the publication, who also claimed that Sarah was not this 'glamorous' and social media obsessed when they met.

Lack of communication was also a huge factor in the unexpected dissolution of their marriage.

The source, who chose to stay anonymous, also revealed that the couple tried counselling for four months, which evidently did not do the couple any good.

Sarah will not walk away from the marriage empty handed. The academic, who is also busy obtaining her Masters qualification will be receiving a sum of R2.8 million. Originally it was supposed to be R3 million, however because of the duration of their marriage, it only amounted to less than the agreed amount.

Sarah Langa spoke out on Twitter about how marrying rich is not as glamorous as she paints it to be. 

She also spoke about how the power of money, can cause one partner to easily manipulate the other.

"Paying the bills does not excuse you from treating a lady with respect. Don't think you are more of a man when all you do is take care of the financial responsibilities but back home, you're physically, emotionally or sexually abusive."

Sarah has not spoken out about the claims as yet.

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