Sinazo Yolwa Celebrates One Month Anniversary With Her Girlfriend

TheShe is head of heels and nobody can tell her anything

By  | Feb 01, 2023, 06:23 PM  | Sinazo Yolwa  | Relationships

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It has only been a month of dating but it appears radio and television personality Sinazo Yolwa is head over heels in her new relationship. Shortly after her break-up, Yolwa got back in the saddle again in no time at all.

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One thing we have come to love about Sinazo Yolwa is how open and transparent she is. While scores of people are still coming into terms with her sexual orientation, Yolwa is living large and on her second girlfriend after her break up last year.

One would argue that Yolwa move fast but in love there is definitely no manual. Yolwa takes to social media to celebrate her one month anniversary with her newest girlfriend, Nolali.

The collage video that Yolwa shared, captures the first day both her and Nolali initially communicated on Twitter. On the very same date they met and they went out for drinks. Later in the moth they met again and bought one another flowers and flaunt their pictures on social media.

"On the 1st day of this year, the good Lord saw it fit to give me a brand new bae. And you know what? I kinda like her" wrote Sinazo Yolwa
The former Real Goboza presenter is in her happy girl era as she flaunts her newest girlfriend on Twitter. Although scores of people were caught incomplete awe when she broke up with her girlfriend last year. People were only shock because they did not know Sinazo Yolwa's dating preference as well as her sexual orientation.

And even though she never made the news public information. However when she broke up with her girlfriend exactly six months ago. Yolwa did not beat around the bush to let her fans and tweeps know that she was single again. But it appears she is back on the dating scene and she could not be ore happier. 

"We brought each other flowers" wrote Sinazo Yolwa
Tweeps are already wishing Yolwa and Nolali everything of the best, even wishing them marriage which Yolwa is completely on board with it.

"Nindibize xa nitshata choza. " wrote Mbasa
"Noways yours" wrote Ernest Tladi
"Anisebahle" wrote De Chef
"sanithandi! also. ndicela isbindi sakho coz u did subtly shoot your shot shm. love this for both of u" wrote Solange Mthembu
Happy Anniversary to Yolwa and her girlfriend and to many more years to come.

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