Sinazo Yolwa & Girlfriend Calls It Quit!

She and her girlfriend are no more

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Another Mzansi couple’s relationship bite the dust as media personality Sinazo Yolwa and her girlfriend calls it quit. Yolwa who have been very private with her relationship took to social media to share a very touching break up video with her girlfriend.

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Social media have been nothing short of love and support for former Real Goboza presenter and radio personality Sinazo Yolwa, following her break up with her girlfriend. Tweeps have sent her a storm of warm and supporting messages, wishing her nothing of the best, during this one toughest time in her life.

Break ups can be one of the trying times in ones life and it must have took a lot of courage for Sinazo Yolwa to go public with what has transpired in her relationship. Although she hasn’t shared on her relationship in the past but she felt the need to come forward during this time to announce the break up from her girlfriend.

"Happy Heartbreak Anniversary" wrote Sinazo Yolwa
Seen from the video she shared, the two love birds shared something very special together. The moments they created and time they spent together much have been nothing short of bliss and abundance love.

However, tweeps are we’re caught up on a certain part of the video shared by Sinazo Yolwa. The last part of the video is the voice of her girlfriend saying something so hurtful yet she was being honest with herself. In the video she can be heard saying,

“I am never doing this again” said Sinazo Yolwa’a girlfriend.

Like a champ that she is, Sinazo Yolwa have been going back and forth with her fans and followers while they are wishing her well during her break up. Evidently, she is in pain but also she has taken this whole situation with a grain of salt as she also makes jokes and laughs in between her responses to tweeps. Like there is no formula in dealing with a break up, Sinazo Yolwa is healing in her own terms and love and support of Twitter continues to pour in for both of them, but more so for her.

"Love and light Sinazo" wrote Nokwindla
"Yho love and light mntase" wrote Posiza
"sorry tlhe ma baby" wrote Rhenna Swink
"Haybo I love you two" wrote Black Goddessza
Although she did not divulge much on what must have transpired to cause the break up. However it speaks volume for her to take courage and share the heartbreak of her break up with her fans and followed on Twitter. Yolwa has managed to keep her relationship under wraps for quite a long time and as everything else, things do to come an end and she couldn’t be shy to let the world know that her and girlfriend have since called it quit. 

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