Sithelo Shares Video Giving Birth

Mrs. Mpisane is now a proud mother of 3

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Sithelo Shozi, or what she calls herself Mrs. Mpisane, welcomed her third baby on July 21 and decide to share to her followers how the birth process was like. Her baby daddy, chairman Andile Mpisane was next to her and even got to hold the baby minutes after she was born.

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Likuwe Coco Mpisane is Andile's second baby, and Sithelo's third. Sithelo shared the birth process in the theatre room with Andile Mpisane by her side, to commemorate 2 months since her daughter came on this earth. "A trip down memory lane...What a blissful two months it has been, our love personified," she captioned the video.

Beginning of this month, Sithelo re-introduced herself as Mrs. Mpisane during her Instagram live. Sithelo Shozi's fans wanted to know more about her relationship with baby daddy Andile Mpisane. A fan called her Sithelo Mpisane and did she not jump for joy. "You got that right, I mean hello! Yes I am married, y'all better leave me alone," she laughed. She then made sexual innuendos when she added that her "stove" is at six, even the lights trip. Complimenting her dashing looks, one of them said Andile Mpisane chose well and she agreed, "I think so too."

Her 1 year old, Baby Flo is Andile's first child. Gushing over her, Sithelo said Flo is like a sprouting flower. "My love for you is constant, more profound than the seas, more grounded than the waves, more brilliant than the sun, and I intend to spend the remainder of my life ensuring you know this, ensuring you accept this and feel this with each fiber of your being, ensuring you comprehend that this love I have for you is but a shadow of the love the Lord has for you."

Sithelo's third child is Ntsika Makhosini, from her previous relationship with Makhosini Maseko, and they call the 5 year old, Baby Makhosini.

MamKhize also gushed over her grandchild and expressed excitement when she walked down the stairs for the first time ever. "My pride and joy. Yipee our princess is walking!!! She walked down those staircases on her own and BOOM, she applauds herself understanding what she just did was a great achievement. Wearing @royalam_fc tracksuit. She really is my comfort zone, my breath of fresh air. Watching her grow has been a blessing I love you baby Flo. You are indeed a champion in my heart!!!"

Mamkhize has also warmed up to Sithelo and embraced her as her possible future daughter in law. “Woow! I don’t know anything about Andile’s girlfriends. I can’t believe that Andile can hide something so big from me. We are very open to each other but I can’t be telling him who he must date and who he must not. Andile is still young and I can’t involve myself in his private affairs," she said when asked about Andile being a father for the first time.

“The only person I will entertain is a wife. Once he tells me ‘here is my wife mother’, I‘ll get involved. I don’t know anything about who gave birth to what and when, I really don’t know anything about being a grandmother, it’s the first time I’m hearing of such news,”
she was once quoted as saying.

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