#OPW: Mr & Mrs Ndlela's perfect wedding

Another perfect matrimony was witnessed.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Sne Ndlela  | Relationships

#OPW: Ndlela couple

It was a joyous ceremony for the Ndlela couple who had one of the most beautiful weddings we've seen in the past two weeks.

Just like the Dladla couple who had just as perfect of a wedding, Thandazani and Sne Ndlela also raised the stakes as they invited the rest of South Africa to their perfect wedding.

Sne, who had been praying for a husband for quite some time had her prayers answered when she met Thandazani.

OPW: Ndlele perfect wedding

One specific thing we loved about this episode is how smooth everything went with Sne and Thandazani's wedding. There wasn't any unnecessary drama unfolding which made the episode even more enjoyable. See people, a lot of planning can go a long way if we could just plan our weddings way in advance.

The dress

Sne's dress was just as perfect as the entire wedding. The small detailed patterns on the dress made the gown even more beautiful, her tiara was one fit for a queen.

OPW: Ndlela couple

Still on the topic of dresses, how gorgeous were Sne's bridesmaids? 

Another thing we've been enjoying about the past episodes of OPW is how the bride has taken as much time in preparing for her bridesmaid's dresses as she has for her own gown. 

OPW: Ndlela couple

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Groom and his Groomsmen

However, we can't say the same for Thandazani and his groomsmen the shiny suits unfortunately returned and Thandazani's bright suit and extremely tight pants were a bit of a disturbance.

#OPW: Ndlela couple

Also, have we forgiven the groom for naming Trevor Noah as the Minister of Finance?

Shame maybe Thandazani meant to say Trevor Manuel who was our former Finance Minister, but even then Thandazani would've been wrong.

The decor

The couples decor was the best decor of the entire season!!!

#OPW: Ndlela couple

Although it may have seemed like a perfect wedding for us and some viewers other viewers were not impressed with how the groom neglected his mother on the show.

Here are some comments from OPW's Facebook page that had many voicing their opinions about the groom's actions.

What are your thoughts about Sunday night's episode.

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