Tables Have Turned On Isencane Lengane

Viewers are now calling out Thando for enabling her husband's behavior

By  | Jan 25, 2023, 10:07 AM  | Relationships

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Following the violent episode of Isencane Lengane that had viewers sending emails to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA). Tables have turned as viewers have now directed their outrage not to Siyacela Dlamuka but his wife, Thando Msomi.

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Social media is still abuzz as viewers are still calling for Moja LOVE to cancel the reality show Isencane Lengane for once and for all. The latest episode that broadcasted Thando Msomi experiencing violence and violence behavior from Siyacela Dlamaku is still the most talked about.

However, while scores of viewers were angry and disgruntled by Siyacela Dlamuka's behavior and his violence ways. Another scores of viewers are since calling out Thando Msomi for being Dlamuka's biggest enabler. Evidently, the violence between the two have been extensively talked about in the past. However, viewers literally drew the line on the latest episode and even lambasted the channel for promoting Gender-Based Violence.

"#Siyacela is just straight up dumb & entitled. But I choose not to allow him to agitate me because Thando us encouraging his behavior. How is it that she cant seek help & even when its offered to her, she declines it?!" wrote Thandow Mash
"As for Siyacela saying that "Thando is his " no one should interfere .like she is mf possession. Eish what she is going through is like a girl who never received love back home .Siyacela's love is the only love she knows .Her family has failed her big time" wrote Miss Thing
What has also struck viewers is how Thando is ready to cut ties with her own father but Siyacela. Evidently, Thando and her father doe not have a healthy relationship to being with but they have been trying to mend things in the last episodes.

"She's ready to cut ties with her own father but not ready to do the same with Siyacela.......I was my hands" wrote Zanele MaFaku
Moja LOVE also highlighted on their statement that production actually intervened between Thando and Siyacela and managed to separate them during the fight. They have urged Thando to open a case but she chose not to. Viewers are also encouraging her to open a case of abuse because even cancelling the show won't stop the abuse behind the scenes.

"But guys Thando must be the one to open a case against Siyacela, they won't just arrest him because we saw it on TV. They must continue broadcasting so that the monster is exposed until Thando comes to her senses. Canceling the show wont stop him from abusing her." wrote Itumeleng Selepe
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