Thobile Mseleku's Wake Up Call!

"Is monogamy real in the 21st century?"

By  | Mar 29, 2022, 11:59 AM  | Thobile "MaKhumalo" Mseleku  | Relationships

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Thobile Mseleku might just be the most hated Housewife as she stars on The Real Housewives Of Durban. If it's not her personality getting mocked, or background and home, it's people saying she is pushing the polygamy agenda and they are growing tired of such.

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MaKhumalo does without a doubt, add a certain flair to the RHO franchise. She does not sugar coat where she comes from and what she does, neither is she ashamed of that.

That's what she told TshisaLive, and said her goal is to inspire other women coming from humble beginnings, like her. Thobile wants to teach other people that they can achieve everything and anything they put their minds to, regardless of where they come from and that is commendable. Unfortunately, the general public tends to not get that as they joked and said if the reality show had evictions, MaKhumalo would be voted out first.

She might be seen as a polygamy influencer but reality is, that is who she is as she is married into a polygamous marriage.

But she told the publication that she is not promoting it in anyway, but seemingly gave people a wake up call to really look if monogamy is still a thing in today's society.

“I'm actually living my life and living my truth. I am not promoting polygamy and I'm not saying that polygamy is the thing. But 'is monogamy real in the 21st century?' is a question we need to ask ourselves. I believe there is more for us to achieve in this industry, we're not here to just be known but to also bring change and to make a difference. People are going through a lot of things.”

She shares her husband Musa Mseleku's sentiments where he said people should not be naïve and think they are not in polygamous relationships, because they are in one, whether they like it or not.

“Polygamy is part of our culture and we cannot pretend it’s not there. Those criticising it are not being realistic and they are not ready to show their authenticity to the world. They would rather adopt foreign cultures.”

“I think it’s about time that people accept polygamy is here to stay. A lot of people want to know about it. A significant number of people are actually in polygamous relationships with or without their knowledge,” he told Daily Sun.

This was when he faced backlash for hogging RHOD instead of his wife Thobile.

“If I wasn’t needed, I wouldn’t have been invited. People must understand the show is an American concept, but we adopted it,” Musa told the publication. “This means the international community is interested in seeing what we have to offer as Africans."

Thobile in the show has beef with LaConco and it has something to do with one of her sister wives. Responding to the backlash Thobile said, “There were never interested in the properties that I might be owning in the urban areas because they wanted to spice things up.”

“I am one person who is very content, I know who I am, and I do not think there is anything or anything who can make me change the way I look at myself. So regardless of what you believe in, it does not affect me. I know who I am and that does not change. I can try to look at thigs in a way and try to be considerate because if you are living with different people obviously, you need that because you are not the same including your backgrounds.”

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