Vusi Nova on his current relationship status and love

Vusi Nova clears the air about his relationship status.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Vusi Nova  | Relationships

Vusi Nova

Award-winning singer Vusi Nova has since healed and moved on from his hijacking experience that made headlines in late 2017 and is focused on his ventures for 2018, and although he had a mouthful to talk about his career, Vusi had to clear the air on speculations regarding his relationship status.

Speaking to ZAlebs Vusi dismissed the rumour that he was in a relationship with musician Kelly Khumalo and that people should stop bringing her name up everytime something happens to a celebrity in the country.

“There are people who think that we dating, she is a very good friend of mine, I’ve known her for a very long time, she’s been instrumental in my very first album cause she introduced me to my producer...I think that it’s sad that every time something happens to a celebrity in this country, they blame her...even with Robbie Malinga people were attacking her, it’s ridiculous, she has nothing to do with this…”

Vusi Nova

Vusi went on to share that his current album Naninina was all about his previous relationship, and although he doubts that he might revive that relationship he still feels the need to share his experience with his fans, through his music.

“I try to preach and share love with the world and that's why I do the kind of music that I do, my current album is actually about my relationship of five years that ended at the end...all the ups and downs, all the way to the breakup...there’s no one in my life right now.“


The musician who part of the ‘The Evening Of Love’ lineup event set to take place on the 14th of February - went on to share his views about love, saying that he does believe in happily ever afters.

“We’ve got different views of what love is, for me, it’s something that I got a lot of growing up at home, it’s something beautiful, I truly believe we’ll all live happily ever’s the truth and I really believe in that."

2018 is set to be a good year for the musician as he is set to shoot is much-anticipated DVD and might also step into the acting scene soon.

“I’m shooting my followers have been asking for that, so this year it’s coming.” 

Speaking on his acting career Vusi said: “I won't get it up now, but there's definitely something coming around, I’m not really an actor but a lot of people keep saying ‘you can act, try it out’ so why not?”

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