Zizo Beda to walk down the aisle in December

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Zizo Tshwete  | Relationships

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It's official, Zizo Beda will be tying the knot at the end of this year. The news was confirmed by her fiancé Mayihlome Tshwete on CliffCentral.

In an interview with Gareth Cliff, the Department of Home Affairs spokesperson first confirmed that Zizo is his fiancé. He spoke highly of her, adding: "She is great. She is a better person than me. I think she's all the power and I'm just tagging along. I’m like the Bobbi Brown, in a  Whitney Houston situation." 

Zizo has kept her relationship out of the spotlight for a very long time. Although she's often spotted at events, the Selimathunzi presenter chooses not to speak publicly about him.

This could be because the star has learned a thing or two about privacy from her previous relationship. In an interview with Sunday World last year, the star explained: "It’s a tough one, I once shared my relationship with the public and it did not work out. I have made a commitment that I will not talk about who I am seeing."

She added that that was an ugly time in her life. "I learned the hard way, things got ugly and the only way to stay out of being in talks was for me to never mention anything regarding me and my partner."

But it's sometimes really hard not to share your love for your partner with the rest of the world. Zizo sometimes shares a bit of her happiness on Instagram, giving  her fans a tatse of her private life. But that's where it stops. The star feels that the media is often negative about celebrity relationships.

She told the paper: "People like to look at a celeb’s relationship with a different eye and yet it is the same as any other person’s relationship. Just like any couple there are bad and good days. But when the media sees you are not holding hands, the rumours will start…are they breaking up? Is their relationship crumbling? We also have bad days in our relationship but it does not mean it is the end."

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