The River: Cobra left with no choice

Veronica’s life is always full of adventure

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

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Sometimes it’s funny, and other times it’s really sad. But whatever way you look at her, this woman has certainly brought some colour on The River. Check out what she and the rest of the crew got up to on the show this week.

Vero’s lies exposed

Although Veronica was having the time of her life at Lindiwe’s house, we knew that her joy would turn into tears soon. And we were right. Her precious son finally learned the truth about her fake illness. It can’t be easy finding out that your dear mother has been living a lie and pretending to have cancer. The worst part is that Zolani was willing to part with a lot of money to ensure that his mother gets the best specialists in the world. 

But no matter how angry he was after discovering the truth, Zolani still has a soft spot for Vero. We all want to have good relationships with our parents, no matter how they may disappoint us sometimes. And Vero is now trying everything in her power to make sure that she remains in her son’s good books. She even came clean about Lindiwe trying to poison her.

Yes, Lindiwe is having the last laugh right now, but will her lies eventually catch up with her? We strongly believe this will happen one day and she will get what she deserves. After all, nothing stays hidden forever.


If there’s one thing we’re learning about Cobra, it’s that he cannot seem to fully escape crime. No matter how hard he tries to turn over a new leaf, his old life is always lurking in the background. He’s yet again found himself in another crime related situation after being forced to take part in a heist.

Not only did Goliath threaten to kill his family if he didn’t agree, but he also almost killed Paulina, who is Cobra’s girlfriend. How does one person always find himself in the same situation? We think he needs to move from Refilwe and just start over in another place where no one knows him.

This time, he might also find himself in prison because Zweli is after him. Will the heist go according to plan, or will Cobra and his friends go back to jail (where they belong, really).

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