The River: Thuso is dead to Malefu

Yho! What an action-filled week it has been on The River! 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

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We can’t help but wonder if Thuso aka Cobra will ever get out of prison after this?

If you’re not sure what we’re going on about right now, let us put you up to speed.

After committing yet another heist, Thuso and his friends Oupa and Percy thought they were going to get away with it. They were never ready for Zweli and his team. Just as they were making their way through the Nelson Mandela Bridge, the police were waiting for them. It was sad when they realised that they were trapped and had nowhere to run. The criminals quickly worked on a plan to escape, and, although Cobra was ready to hand himself in, he finally agreed to go ahead with the escape plan that his friends came up with.

By the way, all of this happened inside the cash-in-transit van. While Zweli and his army of cops were preparing to close in on the trio, they had already mastered a plot to run as far as possible. Percy and Oupa managed to make a run for it, but sadly, Cobra was too late and he was arrested.

We might have forgotten to mention that all of this played out on live television and everybody, including Malefu, Dimpho, Tumi and Paulina watched as Cobra was put in handcuffs and sent straight to jail.

Everyone was disappointed and heartbroken by Cobra’s actions. You would be disappointed too if you saw the person you love being arrested on national television. The only good thing that came out of this situation is that Tumi finally decided to go home to support her mother and younger sister.

Tumi the river

However, she didn’t get the welcome she was expecting as her mother still hasn’t forgiven her for leaving her family for the way she treated her when she tried to convince her to come back home. Tumi and her mother had a serious conversation, and Malefu told her how much she’s hurting. The single parent told her daughter that although Thuso is a criminal, he has never humiliated or disrespected her in front of her enemies.  

She said she’ll never forget what Tumi has done to her and that it would take years for the pain to go away. Ouch! That hurts.

Will the mother-daughter relationship get better? Or will things only get worse from here?

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